Independent Business Owner Application and Agreement

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Terms of Service
1. Purpose of this Agreement
These General Terms and Conditions set forth the conditions under which a person may participate as a Wealth Creation 2000 Independent Business Owner (“IBO”) and obtain the right to promote and sell Wealth Creation 2000 products and services. The following documents shall apply to the Independent Business Owner Application and Agreement (“Agreement”) and form an integral part hereof: these General Terms and Conditions, the Policies and Procedures, the Compensation Plan, the Privacy Policy as well as any supplementary documents provided to the IBO by Wealth Creation 2000.

2. General Provisions
IBOs are compensated based on the successful sale of Wealth Creation 2000 Services to Customers in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and the Compensation Plan. Success as an IBO is based on the IBO’s individual efforts and abilities, and no earnings, profits, or business success are promised or guaranteed. Compensation is earned for the sale of products and services and the sponsorship of new IBOs.

3. Definitions
Capitalized terms have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise:
(a) “WC2000”, “We”, or “Us” means Wealth Creation 2000.
(b) “WC2000 Business Partner” is a person or company with whom the Wealth Creation 2000 partners with for the provision of products and services. Independent Business Owners are not Wealth Creation 2000 Business Partners.
(c) “Compensation Plan” means the current commissions and bonuses plan by which an Independent Business Owner is paid by WC2000 for successfully promoting or selling WC2000 Services.
(d) “Customer” means a person who purchases WC2000 Services from WC2000 or an Independent Business Owner.
(e) “Distributorship”, “Activity” or “Position” means your business activity as an IBO.
(f) “Downline” means an Independent Business Owner’s sales organization and may include directly-sponsored Independent Business Owners and people sponsored by those Independent
Business Owners.
(g) “Effective Date” means the date that an Independent
Business Owner Application is accepted by WC2000 and the IBO is notified of such acceptance.
(h) “Membership Fee” means the fee of $16.95 to cover the cost associated with establishing and servicing your business and enables you to conduct business.
(i) “Independent Business Owner” or “IBO” means an individual or business entity that enters into an Agreement with Wealth Creation 2000 for the promotion and sale of WC2000 products & Services. “You” refers to the IBO entering into this Agreement.
(j) “Intellectual Property” means all trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, copyrighted materials, know-how, business documentation, operation methods, processes and systems, and other proprietary rights owned by Wealth Creation 2000.
(k) “Monthly Membership Fee” means the fee of $16.95 to be paid by you monthly in order to maintain your business status with Wealth Creation 2000.

4. IBO Status
An IBO is a self-employed independent contractor and is not an employee, partner, or legal representative of WC2000. An IBO may select their own means, methods and manner of work and may choose the hours and locations of their activities, subject to the. An IBO conducts business for their own account and is responsible for all expenses, debts, and liabilities incurred in the operation of the IBO’s Distributorship. WC2000 shall not be responsible for paying or reimbursing any such costs. An IBO’s compensation is based on the successful promotion and sale of WC2000 Services and not on the amount of time worked. An IBO may not take the following actions in the name of or on behalf of WC2: (a) incur obligations, debts, or liabilities; (b) sign any documents; (c) collect monies from Customers or IBOs; or (d) take any actions that could impose any obligation vis-à-vis a third party. An IBO agrees that the activities conducted by it under this Agreement are not intended as the IBO’s main source of income and shall in no event be considered the IBO’s primary activity. An IBO who joins WC2000 can promote and sell WC2000 Services.
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